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with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. >> welcome back. could a revolution be brew ing inukraine. >> hundreds of thousands of people protesting the government at the moment. it's been going on for days and the demonstrations are getting more and more heated. >> oh. >> that was a rather nasty encounter as you can tell between a cameraman and a police officer. protesters meanwhile blocking government offices, also calling now for a nationwide strike. this is getting out of hand. they're upset with their president's decision to basicallyion the european union and move back towards russia. now they're calling for him to get pushed out. cnn's phil black is in kiev monitoring things. phil, this started as we said, with a disagreement among the populace how close to get to europe and the like. but this is developing into something quite different. one protest leader saying this is not a protest. this is a revolution. >> michael, that's exactly what this crowd behind me was cheering, screaming out together as one just a few seconds before yo
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spine, collarbone and ribs. >> her lawyer says the railroad has been slow to adopt technology that could have prevented the accident. four people died, dozens injured when the train jumped the tracks sunday rounding a curve. a union representative told cnn the train's engineer was nodding off before the accident. >> the engineer's lawyer says he was in a hypnotic-like daze before he realized something was wrong then hit the brakes, too late, unpafortunately. the train was fratraveling thre times the speed limit. >>> watch this. so this is the scene, at a mcdonald's, new york city earlier this morning, and the protesters are say, we can't survive on $7.25. that's what many fast food workers make an hour, $7.25, the minimum wage. >> they're calling for up to $15, particularly expensive cities. protests held in more than 100 cities today from california to the east coast and sprinkled throughout the west and midwest. all right. we're going it take a short break. we'll talk about nigella lawson, celebrity chef and court case she's involved in. just left court after giving testimony for a sec
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4